Ways to Ensure Your Vehicle is Ready for the Road

People are driving their older cars longer than ever before so what can you do to ensure your vehicle is running properly and safely?

Following is a list of small things you can do to improve the way your auto runs.

  • “Rule No. 1 is oil changes,” says NASCAR champ Clint Bowyer. “Your engine is your heartbeat and without it, all systems are dead.” Low oil can cause premature wear and tear on your engine and it’s good to check the dipstick every 1000 miles to make sure that the oil is not running low. Clean the windshield wipers. Just run a clean cloth along the wipers to remove all the dirt and grime and replace wipers regularly.
  • Monitor the tire pressure. Keeping your tires at the right air pressure can add miles to your car
  • Low tire pressure can wear out the tires and make it more difficult to steer. If you keep the tire at the correct pressure, not only will you be safer on the road, you’ll also get better fuel economy.
  • Wash your car especially during the winter because snow, road salt, and even bird droppings can ruin your paint job. It’s also a good idea to scrub the undercarriage during the spring because clearing solvents such as salt can cause erosion over time and may damage the powertrain, suspension, and body structure.
  • Keep gas in the tank of your car because when your gas tank is nearly empty, the fuel pump has a tendency to suck up the gunk that accumulates at the bottom of the tank which could clog fuel injectors or even damage the fuel pump.

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