New York

New York State is among the original thirteen colonies of the United States and is world-famous
for its grandest metropolitan hub – The New York City. Nicknamed The Empire State, there are
endless sights of exceptional beauty to experience in the state with all four seasons of nature. Many
tourists and travelers from all across the globe leverage Car Moving Services to explore the
marvels of New York State. With a population of 19,453,561, the state is the 4th most populated
state in the United States and about two-thirds of the total population resides in the New York City
Metropolitan Area.
The ever-increasing popularity and the exciting tourist attractions have led to an upsurge in the
rates of local transport services and it’s best to avail maximum benefits from Cheap Auto
Shipping services from Thrifty Auto Shipping. Being the state’s most popular center of
attraction, New York City is home to 8.34 million people and is among the most populous city
in the whole world. The city also homes the United Nations Headquarters and is referred to as
the financial, media, and cultural capital of the world. NYC has exceptional tourist attractions at
every nook and corner of the city including the world-famous Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn
Bridge, Empire State Building, and Central Park. Besides this, there’s also Rockefeller Center,
Metropolitan Museum of Art, highly celebrated Broadway, Times Square, St. Patrick’s
Cathedral, and the Radio City Music Hall.
However, New York City isn’t the only exceptional place to explore in the amazing New
York State as it also holds the amazing tourist attractions such as Niagara Falls, The
Adirondacks, Thousand Islands, Lake George, Lake Placid, and Finger Lakes. Every year
hundreds of thousands of tourists and nature lovers come to Niagara Falls to experience the
beauty of one of the world’s amazing natural wonders. Situated along the border of the United
States and Canada, Niagara Falls is a system of three exceptional waterfalls including
American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. There’s an observation tower built
along the Niagara Falls to give tourists a view of the marvelous sight of three waterfalls and
many nature enthusiasts take the world-famous Maid of the Mist boat tour to relish the aweinspiring
beauty of this breathtaking natural wonder.
That’s not all, New York State also homes the Darwin D. Martin House Complex,
Letchworth State Park, Watkins Glen State Park, and the International Museum of Photography
and Film. The presence of exceptional points of interest such as Broadway attracts many music
enthusiasts and entertainment aficionados to the state of New York every year. This is truly the
state to take the first step on your musical journey and make a name for yourself in the everpopular
theatre plays of Broadway. So, whether you are an aspiring musician, nature lover, or a
person who just wants to explore the magnificence of the amazing New York City, New York
State is truly a once in a lifetime visit. So, in order to get the most out of your trip to
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