Oklahoma is the state where numerous fascinating cultures collide and it is situated right
at the center of the United States of America. The two major cities Oklahoma City and
Tulsa do resonate with cosmopolitan vibes yet, the state is majorly renowned for its strong
cultural heritage. This is the place where the western, southern, and Native American
cultures amalgamate and create something truly exceptional. The proximity of Oklahoma
with Texas results in many locals and tourists availing Car Transport Services for
touring and exploring the cultures of Oklahoma or The Land of the Red Man.
The rich history and cultural significance of Oklahoma attract many arts, history, and
culture lovers to the land once home to the red people. There is certainly a lot to explore
and experience in the lands of Oklahoma enriched with prairies, ancient mountains,
mesas, forests, & the Great Plains, and that’s the reason why tourists are always in search
of cheap auto transport services. The cultural diversity of Oklahoma can be best
deciphered by its language diversity as over twenty-five native languages are spoken in
this state. Oklahoma is home to 3,956,971 peoples and spans over 69,899 square miles of
culturally-rich lands. In addition to vivid and strong cultural heritage, the exceptional
wildlife of Oklahoma is what steals the show for many as the expansive plains home
some of the wildest and most amazing creatures of the land.
Route 66 is the historically-significant highway and the place that truly depicts the essence
of Oklahoma State. Connecting the city of Chicago and Los Angeles, the longest stretch of
this amazing route diagonally cuts the land of the red man. The state also has a designated
Oklahoma Route 66 Museum to educate the masses about the vivid and exceptional history
of this route. As for other places where the rich history of Oklahoma is at a display, there’s
Philbrook Museum of Art, Marland Estate Mansion, Museum of the Great Plains, Gilcrease
Museum, Cherokee Heritage Center, JM Davies Arms & Historical Museum, and the
world-famous National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum.
Moving on from culture and history, Oklahoma is also a great state to celebrate the festivity
of the exceptional creatures of the wild. The state homes one of the most diversified ranges
of animals and its wildlife is celebrated the best at Woolaroc Museum & Wildlife Preserve,
Oklahoma Aquarium, and the Oklahoma City Zoo. The state also homes the famous
University of Oklahoma where there are many exceptional places to explore such as Fred
Jones Jr Museum of Art and Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.
Ancient and modern museums, international art galleries, and lavish gardens of Oklahoma
attract many tourists to its lands each year, and it is a great place to unwind and
experience the magic of truly exceptional cultures of the past and the present. Contact
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