Maine is a dream state for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who adore wilderness and
picturesque landscape. About 89% of the state is covered with Hardwood and Conifer forests, and
the north entails rocky coastline while long sandy beaches are the heart and soul of the south.
Maine served as the home of sea captains in the 19th century and the state is packed with quaint
and spectacular lighthouses and ports. Maritime lovers from all across the world visit this little
state of heaven all year round to experience the fascinating beauty on display and taste the
exceptional flavors of the sea. Maine’s famous lobsters and delicious shellfishes are truly
exceptional and scrumptious.
The state of Maine is the 12th smallest state by area and the 9th least populous state in the United
States. The state isn’t home to many people but hundreds of thousands of people come to Maine
to explore its beauty and experience its splendor every year. The natural beauty and picturesque
landscapes have certainly promoted the tourism industry but have also caused an upsurge in
transportation prices. Having a personal car has become a mere necessity in the state of Maine as
you need a reliable and trustworthy vehicle to accompany you in your adventurous escapades along
the rocky coastline, picturesque waterways, dense forests, and rolling mountains. That’s the reason
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In addition to endless array of forests, Maine has a system of 32,000 miles of streams and rivers
and homes 6,600 lakes and ponds. That’s the reason why the state was once the core of the wooden
shipbuilding industry. Nowadays, the state is home to other wooden manufactured products such
as paper bags, cardboard boxes, paper, and wood pulp. Also known as The Pine Tree State or The
Lumber State, the majority of the leading paper producing mills of the United States are based in
Maine. These industries significantly contribute to the overall economy of the state and present
great employment opportunities for people involved in such industries.
That’s not it, Maine is also home to numerous award-winning restaurants and the culinary world
of the state is among the best. The vivid and rich culture of the state is well-preserved in the worldclass
art museums and for snowbirds, there are numerous exceptional ski lodges and resorts. Car
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