Dan Ammann Talks About Driverless Cars

Dan Ammann, the president of one of the most seasoned auto makers in the U.S. doesn’t think you’ll be driving its autos soon…the autos will be driving you!

In particular, the movement in consumer conduct from auto possession to ride sharing will drive the advancement of self-driving autos and electric vehicles, Ammann said. As individuals drive less — vehicles spend just around 5% of the time out and about, he gauges — and the opportunity expense of driving increments with the powerlessness to perform errands on a cell phone while driving, consumers will slowly swing to ride-sharing and ride-hailing administrations. Notwithstanding, the relative safety of self-driving autos contrasted and human drivers will in the long run persuade consumers to grasp the technology, Ammann said. More than 38,000 individuals were slaughtered in mischances and 4.4 million were harmed, costing $412.1 billions, as indicated by the agency. Along with more ride-sharing and self-driving autos, electric vehicles will likewise soon turn out to be more pervasive, Ammann said.
Though low oil prices have kept current demand low, the introduction of more affordable electric vehicles with greater battery range will help pick up their adoption, he said. The timeline of all this rapid change is still a little unclear, Ammann said, but they are inevitable. “I don’t think there’s a lot of doubt that change is happening,” he said. “There’s a lot of debate on the time, the time scale, the magnitude, the how, the who, the where. But there’s enough fundamental forces at work as to why this would change.”

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