Michigan borders four of the five Great Lakes of the United States and is world-famous for its
natural beauty, picturesque landscapes, and awe-inspiring culture. This has made Michigan one of
the leading vacation hotspots and tourist attractions. Divided into two large sections of land in the
name of the Upper Peninsula and Lower Peninsula. The upper section is rich in minerals and is the
more elevated of the two landmasses and is renowned for its strong cultural heritage and borders
Canada and Wisconsin. While the mitten-shaped Lower Peninsula is situated in the southern region
and is surrounded by lakes on all sides except the southern side that borders Ohio and Indiana. The
two massive landmasses are connected by the Straits of Mackinac or the Big Mac and to travel
between the two sections of Michigan you need to have reliable Car Transport.
Michigan is one of the booming economic centers of the United States and also homes the city of
Detroit – Leaders in the American Automotive Industry. Besides this, it has also established itself
as a leader in agriculture and forestry and is truly a land of opportunity. Enticed by the economic
stability and the growing economy, many business professionals travel to the state of Michigan
each year. Moving to the state of Michigan without a trusted and reliable car is a costly mistake
and ends up costing you lots and lots of bucks spent on a rental car and other transportation
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Divided into northern and southern regions, the state of Michigan is truly a sight of beauty
for outdoor enthusiasts. While bordering four of the five Great Lakes, the state’s shoreline
runs endlessly across the borders of the Lower Peninsula that also holds a fascinating system
of inland lakes and fantastic forests. Michigan is the perfect vacation destination for
foodies, outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers, travelers, and thrill-seekers. Among its many
tourist attractions, places like Mackinac Island, Saugatuck, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor,
Muskegon, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Traverse City, Petoskey, and Pictured
Rocks National Lakeshore are truly worth-a-visit.
Michigan is also popular for its high standard of public higher education and presents
great academic opportunities for avid seekers of knowledge. Spanned across 96,716 square
miles of land, the only to explore and experience the true wonders of Michigan is to have a
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