Kansas is the land of agriculture and home to 2,913,314 people. It is also the 34th most
populous and 15th largest state in the United States. Situated in the heart of the 48
contiguous states, Kansas spans across 82,278 square miles of land and is named after the
famous Kansas River. The booming agriculture industry has always contributed greatly to
its economy and entices many businessmen to the fertile lands of the state of Kansas every
year. Bordering the states of Nebraska, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Colorado, the state’s
capital is Topeka and Wichita is the largest city in Kansas.
There’s a lot to explore and experience in the amazing state of Kansas home to many
vacation and tourist attractions. From cattle ranches to Santé Fe Trail’s stagecoach stops,
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The state has the largest true tallgrass prairie and is called “The Sunflower State” for a
reason. The beautiful wild sunflowers surround the exceptional landscapes of Kansas and
the state is a true cowboy’s home. If you are excited about exploring the cowboy’s lifestyle,
you can visit the famous Dodge City’s Boot Hills Museum or Abilene’s Dickinson
County Heritage Center. If that’s not enough, then, nature exists in its finest form and
shines across the terrains of Kansas that homes Cheney State Park in Wichita, Turtle
Creek State Park in Manhattan, and Scott State Park in Scott City.
The state of Kansas is also a great destination for education and is famous for the college
towns of Lawrence and Manhattan. From the University of Kansas to Benedictine College,
it’s a great destination to pursue excellence in academics. Whether you are planning on
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