North Carolina

North Carolina is the state where nature’s exceptional creatures come to life. Renowned for its
diversified wildlife and miles and miles of natural beauty, the state of North Carolina homes the
highest mountain peak in the eastern region of the United States, Mount Mitchell. Add to this,
there are over 300 miles of exquisite coastline and tons of amazing cities that give the state of
North Carolina a place among the best tourist destinations in the United States. One of the original
thirteen colonies of the United States, the state is home to 10,488,084 people and is the ninth most
populous state in the United States. Every year hundreds of thousands of travelers and tourists
avail services of Car Moving Companies to come to the world-famous Old North State.
North Carolina is symbolized by the exceptional beauty of its landscapes and the soaring heights
of it’s mountains. The Western Region homes the Appalachian Mountains while the Atlantic
Coastal Plains lie on the East. A reliable and trustworthy Car Transport allows tourists the luxury
to truly explore and experience the marvels hidden in the exceptional terrains of North
Carolina. Many motorsports fans travel to this state to experience the thrills of the NASCAR
Motorsport Event, and others come to experience the beauty of nature in its finest forms. The
sensational beaches, cultural and historical monuments, and state parks make the state of North
Carolina a must-visit for every lover of history, culture, and nature.
Among the many amazing tourist attractions in North Carolina, Blue Ridge Parkway surely leads
the rest. Nicknamed America’s Favorite Drive, this 469-miles long route is a work of renowned
architect Stanley Abbott who built an awe-inspiring roadway to connect the Great Smoky
Mountains National Park with the Shenandoah National Park. Along the road, there are countless
hiking trails, picnic areas, and campgrounds that make a trip along this parkway a truly
unforgettable journey. Not to forget, North Carolina also homes the largest private residential
home in the United States, The Biltmore Estate. Then there’s Morehead Planetarium & Science
Center, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, North Carolina Aquarium, and North
Carolina Zoo that showcase the diversity and history of the wildlife ruling the lands of North
In addition to this, there are also other tourist attractions such as the Outer Banks – A 200-mile
long barrier islands that depict nature’s beauty in a way unlike any other. The site homes many
historic lighthouses, museums, and artifacts of historical significance. Cape Hatteras is another
exceptional place to explore for tourists who loved the fascinating beauty and history of the Outer
Banks. For outdoor enthusiasts, North Carolina also homes the Grandfather Mountain – A series
of amazing trails and challenging treks for thrill-seekers and adventurers. There’s a lot to explore
in the terrains of North Carolina that homes immensely diversified landscapes of aweinspiring
natural beauty. If this sounds like a trip of the lifetime then let’s make it happen. Just
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