Prepare Your Car for Shipping

Pre-Shipping Checklist

Your vehicle is our precious cargo and we will do all that we can to have your vehicle delivered to you in the same condition that it was in when the car transport picked it up. Follow these important steps to ensure that it will arrive safely and on time… Remember it is part of our free quote to know if the vehicle is running or non-running. Non-running will require special handling and advance notice to the transport driver. We require the following items to be met to safely load or unload your vehicle. This is industry standard:

  • All keys to the vehicle including trunk, gas cap and accessories if applicable
  • Less than a 1⁄2 tank of gas
  • Driver’s side door and window working properly
  • Fully charged battery mounted securely
  • Braking system on the vehicle working properly
  • No leaking fluids as there will be damage to the vehicle below you in the event you’re on top
  • That we know of any modifications that would affect the width or height of your vehicle
  • The vehicle total height cannot exceed 7′

Remember your vehicle will be visually inspected prior to loading and after unloading. It is best that you clean and empty your vehicle out prior to the scheduled date for loading. A quality inspection depends on you performing the following:

  • Clean your vehicle inside and out so the exterior condition can be recorded
  • Disconnect all alarm systems
  • Remove all antennas unless can be retracted
  • Remove all aftermarket items mounted on the dash or interior
  • Don’t forget to remove your garage door opener and CD’s
  • Do not leave personal items in the vehicle
  • Remove all luggage, bike, and appliance

FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITS THE SHIPMENT OF PLANTS, HAZARDOUS MATERIALS, AND FIREARMS. Please, remove any of these items to avoid any hassle that will come from the discovery.


Use your cell phone to snap some photos of the exterior and interior. Take all four sides of the vehicle and a close­up of any preexisting damage or scratches. Damage during shipment is rare but it does happen. These photos are for your protection and will support your claim for damage reimbursement. On delivery be sure to do a walk around looking for exterior damage and look inside of your vehicle inspecting for the same. Do not sign the Bill Of Lading without making note of any damage that you have discovered. Failing to make note of the damage on the Bill Of Lading no matter how small will preclude you from recovering for the damage. Ask for a copy of the Bill Of Lading and keep this for your records. Our goal is to ensure a safe and speedy deliver of your vehicle while meeting all of your expectations. Call our Customer Support at 844-741-1221 if you have any questions regarding how to prepare your vehicle for shipping.