Nicknamed “The Yellowhammer State”, Alabama is widely known as “The Cotton State” & “The Heart of Dixie”. The state of Alabama is home to many sites & destinations of immense significance and had produced some of America’s best scholars and astronauts. Many young and zealous knowledge seekers travel to Alabama to pursue a career in space science and aerospace engineering. Alabama is the 24th most populous and the 30th largest state by area with one of the largest network of inland waterways. The warm and pleasant ambiance of the state attracts many visitors each year who require high-end Car Transport Services. Thrifty Auto Shipping provides door-to-door Car Shipping to and from the state of Alabama which aligns perfectly with the ever-increasing transportation needs of the locals & visitors. There always had been a strong political history associated with Alabama state and has witnessed many significant landmarks of the American Civil Rights Movement. The capital Montgomery home of the Rosa Parks Museum and Martin Luther King Jr.’s Church. The awe-inspiring Appalachian Mountains can be found at Talladega and it’s also home to the Talladega Super-speedway – One of the world’s largest NASCAR tracks. There exists a vigorous connection between Alabama State and American Football and Tuscaloosa’s Paul W. Bryant Museum at the University of Alabama. It is the preserver of the state’s strong football legacy. Moundville is the center of attraction for the lovers of archeology and Mobile, AL hosts their version of the the sensational celebrations of Mardi Gras so popular in New Orleans, LA. Towns like Gulf Shore is the ideal location for lovers of natural beauty and home to some of America’s best white-sand beaches with amazing golf courses. Thrifty Auto Shipping provides Auto Shipping services to and from many metropolitan cities of Alabama such as Birmingham, Mobile, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville, and many more. The need for transportation never ends and in a state home to such rich political history, there’s always something exceptional to explore. The hot & humid summers and the mild winters make Alabama an ideal vacation location for visitors from colder regions of the U.S.A. Many young students and aspiring athletes travel back and forth from the state regularly and can greatly benefit from the state-of-the-art Car Shipping Services provided by Thrifty Auto Shipping. In addition to this, there are many more travel attractions in the state of Alabama such as Alabama Wildlife Center, Fort Morgan State Historic Site Museum, Huntsville Botanical Garden, Alligator Alley, Birmingham Museum of Art, U.S Veterans Memorial Museum, Ave Maria Grotto, and Vulcan Park. Planning a trip to the state of Alabama? Contact us today and get your personalized Car Shipping Quote.