Maryland is one of the 13 original colonies of the United States and its capital Annapolis is often
referred to as The Sailing Capital of America. The abundance of coastlines & waterways near &
around the Atlantic Ocean & Chesapeake Bay had greatly contributed to the amplification of the
state’s economic importance. Bordering more than 4,000 miles of shoreline, Maryland nicknamed
America in Miniature because of its strong climatic & topographical diversity. The amalgamation
of geographical & cultural elements of Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, and Northeastern
Atlantic has contributed to the development of Maryland’s diversified culture. The state shares
an olden bond with the country and the rich colonial history & architecture of Maryland
is widely celebrated.
The national anthem of USA also originated from the state of Maryland and the state is home to
11 renowned military bases. The economic & strategic importance of the state had played a key
role in cultivation & growth of its economy. A large number of military personnel move to & from
Maryland State regularly and require high-end, rapid, and efficient Auto Transport Services. The
close proximity with Washington D.C further magnifies the importance of Maryland State and
encourages the people to travel & settle in the state of Maryland. This is also an incredible place
for traveling during the vacations and its rich history presents travelers with an opportunity to
experience & learn new & fascinating things.
A large number of tourist attractions of the state are in close proximity with the waterways and
there’s plenty to experience and explore along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. Some of the
most prominent tourist attractions include Maryland Eastern Shore, Baltimore Inner Harbor,
Annapolis City Dock, C & O Canal National Historic Park, Deep Creek Lake, Six Flags America,
Brookside Gardens, and Historic Elliot City. The Annapolis Maritime Museum had been
successfully able to preserve & showcase the enriched colonial history of Maryland in the most
remarkable manner. There’s no shortage of amusement parks and mountains for the lovers of
adventures & seekers of thrill.
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