The state of Missouri spans across 180,540 square kilometers or 69,707 square miles of land
enriched with well-watered prairie, rolling hills, and fertile plains. Situated in the Midwestern
region of the United States, it borders eight states including Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Kentucky,
Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska. The Mississippi and Missouri rivers bisect the lands
of the state and it is deepened with the history of the civil war. Car Transport Services are high indemand
in the state of Missouri as there is a lot to explore and wondrous natural landscapes to
experience. The state is home to about 6,137,428 people and is world-famous for its live music
festivals, breath-taking landscapes, and manmade works of architectural brilliance.
The proximity of the state of Missouri to nearby states and the connecting road channels make it
the best destination to avail the perks of Affordable Auto Transport. The Missouri state homes
more than 85 state parks and about 840 miles of adventurous trails. This makes it a dream state for
outdoor enthusiasts who want to experience the beauty of nature in its purest form. There are many
exceptional destinations for tourists to experience in the state of Missouri. These include the likes
of breweries, riverboat casinos, and culturally-significant neighborhoods of St. Louis to
world-famous live music festivals of Branson. There’s also a lot more for the lovers of
history and Missouri is home to Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Silver Dollar City, Wilson’s
Creek Natural Battlefield, Mark Twain Mansion, Harry Truman Presidential Library &
Museum, and the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial.
These historical sites and destinations are spread all across the state of Missouri, yet the
adventurous landscape of the state is what attracts the most tourists. From St. Louis Forest Park to
the Lake of the Ozarks, there’s a lot to see and a lot to experience. The entire region of the Lake
of the Ozarks resonates with a strong and vivid feel of the outdoor lifestyle and there’s also Old
Kinderhook and Tan-Tar-A Resort. Missouri has always been famous for its music, literature, and
films and once served home to world-renowned names in the entertainment industry such as Walt
Disney, Mark Twain, Chuck Berry, Tina Turner, Josephine Baker, and many more. That’s not it,
the education scene in the state of Missouri is also top-class with exceptional institutions such as
the University of Missouri, Truman State University, Missouri State University, Lincoln
University, and many more.
There are countless reasons to pack up your backpack and move to the state of Missouri to explore
and live life in its natural form. There’s something for everyone in the welcoming lands of the
Missouri state better known as Show-Me State, Cave State, and Mother of the West. So, if you are
planning to move to cities such as Columbia to give your children the best quality of education or
you just want to experience something phenomenal in the beautiful city of Springfield, the state of
Missouri is certainly worth a visit.