The State of Texas is the second-largest state in the United States according to area and
population and is situated in the South Central region. Bordered by four US states of
Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and New Mexico, Texas also shares proximity to the
Mexican States of Tamaulipas, Coahuila, Chihuahua, and Nuevo Leon. It has some of the
most amazing and breathtaking landscapes, forests, mountains, grasslands, deserts, and
coastal beaches. Nicknamed Lone Star State, Texas was once an independent republic and
had to fight its way to achieve independence from Mexico. This state encompasses some of
the busiest and most popular cities including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas Forth-Worth,
Austin, and El Paso. No doubt, Car Shipping Services are incredibly popular in all of the
United States, and Texas is renowned for offering Discounted Auto Shipping Services.
Texas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, and every year
millions of tourists and nature lovers visit this amazing state. The incredible cultural
diversity and natural beauty of Texas make it a perfect destination for family fun and
wilderness adventures. Sharing its coastline with the Gulf of Mexico, there are numerous
awe-inspiring coastal beaches and scenic landscapes in the state enriched with remarkable
national parks, mountains, and deserts. Houston, Dallas, and Austin are the three main
metropolitan centers in the state of Texas, and their contrasting cultures are truly
fascinating to experience and explore. Besides this, the city of San Antonio is also a
treasured tourist destination and places like the River Walk and the Alamo attracts
thousands of tourist every season.
Moving on, Houston homes great tourist attractions such as Space Center that is highly
popular and a great family holiday spot. This presents children with great space exploration
and learning opportunities. Towards the west lies the Chihuahua Desert and Big Bend
National Park. This park is situated on a massive Rio Grande River’s bend and has some of
the most exceptional hiking trails and campgrounds. It is also a great place for
birdwatching and homes over 400 exotic species of birds. Then there is Padre Island
National Seashore with 13,000+ acres of dunes, beaches, and grassland habitats. Other
major tourist attractions in the state include The Sixth Floor Museum, Guadalupe
Mountains National Park, Galveston’s Beaches & Strand Historic District, Cadillac Ranch,
and Natural Bridge Caverns.
There’s a lot to explore and many amazing cultural sites to experience in the state of Texas,
and it is truly a perfect family vacation hot spot and tourist destination. This is also a great
state for birders who want to view the breathtaking sights of bird migrations and want to
explore exotic species of birds from up close. The cultural diversity, natural beauty, and
tons of amusement destinations make the state of Texas one of the most must-visit tourist
destinations in the United States. If you are planning a vacation to any city in Texas contact
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