The Number of Recalled Auto Takata Airbags Keeps Rising

As you may recall, defective Takata auto airbags was the cause of the largest recall in history and may be even bigger than previously thought. If you drive a vehicle with a Takata airbag, keep reading. The Japanese producer of these airbags might be forced to recall an extra 70 to 90 million airbag inflators.

According to Reuters, safety regulators are examining whether the airbags represent continuous risk to drivers. There were around 29 million Takata inflators that have already been recalled in the U.S. If they discover more issues, the number of recalls would practically be four times more the present number.

Since the first Takata airbags were pulled from in 2013, there were recalls in such makes as Honda, Ford and Chrysler. In May 2015, the quantity of affected autos multiplied, making it the biggest auto-related recall ever.

The risky inflators contain ammonium nitrate, an unstable concoction that, in the case of an accident, can make airbags break and splash metal shards at vehicle tenants. At least 10 deaths so far have been connected to the exploding airbags and it’s not clear how many more vehicles will be affected by a potential new recall. What’s even more troublingly is these are the result of “chronic” quality failures at Takata’s North American plants and it’s difficult for Takata and regulators to pinpoint which inflators are dangerous. What’s worse is it will take years to be sure that all Takata airbags that are out now don’t still pose a risk.

To be on the safe side, if you own an auto with a Takata airbag, you may want to make a change or even buy a whole different car. When it’s time to have that vehicle transported to your home, call the company you can always rely on to get the job done right, Thrifty Auto Shipping.

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