Optional Auto Shipping Services

Optional Services Available!

Should you have special circumstances the following options are available at an affordable cost. Just ask our Customer Service Agent to price these options for you.

Standard Car Shipping Service

This is our standard service and what your quote was prepared on. Your vehicle will be picked up within 2-7 days, fully insured including door-to-door delivery. Door to Door delivery assumes that the large 18-wheeler can off-load close to your destination. Due to the size of the car transport some neighborhoods are not easily accessible. However, the driver will make every effort to accommodate the delivery destination.

Expedited Car Shipping Option

We will pick up and deliver your vehicle sooner than our Standard Service.

Hard-Sided Enclosed & Soft-Sided Covered Car Shipping Option

Enclosed and covered car shipping are the best types of auto transport service for high-end, exotic, classic, and custom vehicles. Enclosed car carriers are hard-sided, while covered car carriers are soft-sided. Each of these types of enclosed car transport has strong attributes depending on your car shipping needs.

Enclosed Car Shipping: Hard-Sided

Hard-sided enclosed car shipping is the true white-glove shipping solution. It uses 100% industrial-grade metal protection within completely sealed carriers. Enclosed car shipping is the most expensive way to transport a vehicle. However, for special vehicles, this kind of transport is worth the extra money. Hard-sided enclosed car transport is the standard recommended for those types of vehicles. Examples of luxury cars we ship in this manner include the world-renowned brands FerrariTesla,LamborghiniMaserati, and Mercedes-BenzTesla MotorsHard-sided enclosed car transport serve as all-weather protection for your vehicle at all times. If the car is in showroom condition when loaded onto an enclosed car shipping carrier, it will be in showroom condition when delivered. As with soft-sided covered car transport carriers, hard-sided carriers are smaller than open ones, so the transit time for enclosed car transport is less than with open car transport.

Covered Car Shipping: Soft-Sided

Covered car transport, which offers soft-sided protection, represents the middle ground between open car transport and hard-sided enclosed car transport. Soft-sided covered car transport carriers are covered with canvas to protect against harsh weather and roadway debris. As mentioned above, the carriers are smaller; so if you choose covered car transport, the time needed for transit is reduced.

Flat Bed Transport

This method is designed for shorter trips. The vehicle is loaded on an open flat bed trailer usually with one or two other vehicles. This is an economical choice for older or less expensive vehicles and you still benefit from full coverage insurance and the safe handling of your vehicle.

Top Load

This option provides preferred placement on the top of the trailer. This option minimizes the potential of leaking fluids from a vehicle from above and any road debris. This is a required method of transporting convertibles and very expensive vehicles.

Door Pickup

Your vehicle will be picked up within a 2 to 4 hour window at a specific location on the specified date you choose. This is a convenient way to arrange for pickup of your vehicle. This allows you to know when the transport will be at the pick­up address in advance and allow you to plan accordingly.

Curbside Delivery

We will use a smaller truck to deliver the vehicle to you at your destination. The most convenient way to have your vehicle delivered to your front door.