Rhode Island

Rhode Island or the State of Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States of
America yet is enriched with scenic coastal landscapes and awe-inspiring shoreline.
Nicknamed The Ocean State, it is a must-visit tourist attraction situated in the New
England Region. Rhode Island’s natural beauty and exotic beaches make it the perfect
holiday destination and vacation hotspot, and every year thousands of tourists come to
the Ocean State to enjoy the beauty of life. Car Shipping Services are ever-popular in
Little Rhode and tourists capitalize on these services to explore the beauty and
extravagance of this picturesque state.
Rhode Island’s incredible geography is its leading points of attraction, and inlets and
large bays make up a total of fourteen percent of its area. However, the majority of the
state is situated on the mainland and is a flat state with no real mountains. The eastern
region of the state homes the Narragansett Bay Beaches symbolized by shores of white
fine sands and its famous tourist attractions include Matunuck Beach State Park, Roger
W. Wheeler State Beach, Narragansett Town Beach, and Scarborough State Beach.
While the northern region is enriched with the Northeastern Coastal Forests.
In addition to its exceptional shoreline and coastal forests, there’s a strong sense of
urban charm and rich cultural heritage that attracts the people to places like Newport.
The city of Newport is the super-rich playground and the mansions and royalty on
display in this region are truly mesmerizing and fascinating. Places like The Breakers –
Newport’s most famous Gilded Age Mansion is a sight for the sore eyes of art lovers
and home some of the finest mosaic work, ceiling paintings, and work of architectural
brilliance. Newport also has the famous Cliff Walk which is one of the most scenic and
exceptional walking paths for the public and tourists. Not to forget, Newport is also the
home to Bellevue Avenue Mansions and the sensational Ocean Drive.
Moving towards the city of Providence that is rich in culture and history, there’s a lot
to explore and experience such as Roger Williams Park Zoo that is one of the oldest
zoos of the United States and homes some of the most exquisite and exotic creatures.
This 435-acres park is an exceptional place to explore for the lovers of nature and
wildlife. Add to this, there are also romantic getaways and family attractions in
Providence such as WaterFire Providence whose beauty is truly unparalleled.
From the Colt State Park in Bristol to Block Island & Mohegan Bluffs, every corner of
this little and amazing state is enriched with sights of mesmeric natural beauty. There
are tons of reasons to visit this exceptional little state of extravagance and spectacular
natural beauty, and it presents tourists with the most serene and peaceful retreats.
There’s something for everyone in the state of Rhode Island and this is the best place to
visit if you yearns to be mesmerized by the exceptional works of nature. If you’re
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