Nicknamed The Keystone State or The Quaker State, Pennsylvania is one of the thirteen original
colonies of the United States of America and is the fifth most populous state with a population
of 12,801,989. Philadelphia and Pittsburg are the two major cosmopolitan cities in the state
and Pennsylvania has an esteemed place in the history of America. This is the state where the
Declaration of Independence and Constitution was penned down, and every region of this state has
some sort of cultural or historical significance. Many people use Affordable Car Transport services
to tour and explore the fascinating culture and history of Pennsylvania every year.
Classic Car Transport Services are highly popular in the state of Pennsylvania whose urban charm
and cultural heritage never fail to fascinate the tourists. Endless tourist attractions exhibit the
vivid and strong culture of Pennsylvania, and the majority of these trips start from the famous
Independence National Park and the Liberty Bell. This is Philadelphia’s national treasure and is
one of the most iconic places with remarkable historical significance. The Independence National
Park also homes many historic buildings including Ben Franklin Museum, the National Museum of
American Jewish History, Old City Hall, and Congress Hall. Philadelphia also homes the popular
Philadelphia Museum of Art that displays America’s largest art collection featuring works of
Chagall, Renoir, Picasso, Monet, Rembrandt, Matisse, and many more renowned artists.
SR-340 Intercourse is another incredible tourist attraction in Pennsylvania that portrays the
tradition and culture of the state, unlike any other place. In the Pittsburg region, there lie
exceptional places like Phipps Conservatory that homes over 23 botanical gardens advocating the
notion of sustainability. Some other key tourist attractions for the true history lovers include
Valley Forge and Valley Forge National Historical Park – The place rich with the history of the
American Revolutionary War.
Pennsylvania isn’t the most exciting tourist destinations but is certainly an exceptional place to
unwind and relax. Portraying an amalgamation of cultural heritage and urban charm, there’s
something exceptional to explore in every nook and corner of this wonderful state. Add to this, the
state also has places like the Fallingwater – A splendid work of architect Frank Lloyd Wright and
Presque Isle State Park. Over 140 miles of coastline and waterfront is one of the many reasons why
Pennsylvania is a great state to tour, explore, and experience. Lake Erie and Delaware River make
up the majority of Pennsylvania waterfront, and there and countless tourist attractions set up
along the coastline.
Not to forget, Pennsylvania also homes Hershey Park – A place with adventure, fun, and amusement
for all. In very close proximity of the park lies ZooAmerica and this park exhibits the diversity
of the state’s exceptional wildlife. The history, culture, and splendor of Pennsylvania attract
many tourists and patriots to this wonderful state as this is the place where the history begins.
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