Apple May Actually Be Getting Into the Car Business

Our company is in the car transport business but we’re always watching to see what new things are happening in the car industry around the world. Well, we found something very interesting happening right now. Is it possible that Apple is getting into the car business?

If it’s true, there is no better company in the right position than Apple is. They have the marketing ability and the cash to do it if they wanted to. Sometimes when a company is as dependent on a single product such as Apple is on the iPhone, it’s always a smart idea to look into other prospects to get into. Even Steve Jobs was talking about the possibility of an Apple car on his deathbed so Apple has been associated with car talk for years. This means that there really is some truth to the rumors flying around.

What’s cool is that there have been sightings of self-driving minivans that are registered to Apple. What’s even cooler is that all of Tesla’s patents are open source and if Tesla was for sale then Apple could get a head start by purchasing it for cash. Since one of Apple’s strengths is how their products look and feel; they are already ahead of the game because that’s exactly what the car business is all about. They’re also already used to bringing out new models, upgrades, and incremental changes all the time so that’s not new either.

This is all tempting and very possible so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.  If this happens and this all becomes real, then wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to get your very own Apple car for yourself? You can always use our auto transport service at Thrifty Auto Shipping when your iCar is ready!

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