Utah or The Beehive State is an outdoor enthusiasts’ paradise and home to some of the best national parks, scenic landscapes, and ski resorts in all of the United States. Bordered by the states of Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona, it is connected by incredible road networks with some of the most-visited tourist destinations such as Las Vegas. Home to 3,205,958 people, the lands of Utah are incredibly diverse, and the elevations across the state vary significantly. That’s the reason why the locals and tourists get to enjoy the benefits of both the summers and winters in this amazing state enriched with natural beauty. Its connection with the nearby states has soared up the popularity of Auto  Moving Companies, and many tourists opt for Affordable Auto Shipping Services when moving to Utah.

This state is truly a gem of nature and has some of the most exceptional natural wonders and awe-inspiring nature’s artifacts. The stretched out natural beauty of the state makes it one of the best destinations for road trips as there are countless scenic drives in the state of Utah. This state is an incredible tourist destination for everyone from outdoor enthusiasts & wilderness lovers to a common man yearning to be mesmerized. Zion National Park situated around a 3-hours drive from Las Vegas is mainly where this natural escapade begins. Enriched with some of the most spectacular vistas, waterfalls, red rock cliffs, and hiking trails, it is commonly known as the vertical park due to the abundance of sheer vertical walls. Tourists can explore the breathtaking natural beauty on display from a tourist bus or can also explore the scenic drives in their car.

That’s not it, every single valley and region of Utah has something exceptional. Arches National Park is another popular tourist destination situated near the La Sal Mountains. It is home to over 2000 natural stone arches and includes tourist destinations such as Balanced Rock, Devil’s Garden, Fiery Furnace, Sandstone Arch, Park Avenue, and many more. Monumental Valley, Canyonlands National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park are also must-visit attractions in the state of Utah. The town of Moab serves as the hub for outdoor enthusiasts craving to explore the marvels of these exceptional national parks. Add to this, there are also places like Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument that offer a sense of serenity and magic unlike any other. Dead Horse Point State Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Cedar Breaks National Monument, and Dinosaur National Monument are other exceptional vacation hotspots.

Not  to  forget,  Utah  is  also  home  to  the  Great  Salt  Lake,  Coral  Pink  Sand  Dunes,  and Bonneville Salt Flats. Natural beauty isn’t the only thing exceptional about Utah as it also has an amazing culture that is depicted with utmost clarity in places like Salt Lake City, St. George, and Park City. Other tourist attractions include the Mormon Temple – The Largest Temple of Latter-Day Saints. So, to truly understand the natural beauty of Utah one would need to spend weeks driving the state to see firsthand the awe inspiring beauty that Utah holds. To do that we at Thrifty Auto Shipping suggest that you ship your car to your hotel and spend a few weeks driving the state.  Just give us a call at Thrifty Auto Shipping 844-741-1221 and get a quote to ship your car to any city in Utah. You will see just how affordable it is to drive your own car on your next vacation.