Situated in the Midwestern region of the United States, Iowa is the 30th most populated & 26th
largest state in the United States. Nicknamed The Hawkeye State, Iowa is sandwiched between the
Mississippi & Missouri River. The state of Iowa comprises an incredibly fertile terrain & had
always played a key role in promoting the agricultural growth of the country. The state of Iowa is
truly the land of opportunities and is a great location for job seekers to establish a career in the
agricultural sector.
There’s certainly a lot more than agriculture in the state of Iowa where its diversified economy
comprises several industries & sectors such as financial services, biotechnology, and information
technology. Many of the insurance firms are headquartered in the state of Iowa and it’s the
focal point of business professionals in search of professional career success. The strengthened
economy of the state calls for high-end Auto Transport Services which is both reliable &
equally economical. Many young & talented professionals drive to Iowa every day and this
had augmented the local transportation prices. For such professionals, shipping the car to the
state of Iowa is the smartest & most economical alternative.
For the lovers of natural beauty, the state of Iowa certainly needs to be their priority. Experiencing
the production of the nation’s essential resources such as oats, soybeans, and corns is a truly aweinspiring
experience. The state is also renowned for its unique culture and historical
heritage. Cedar Rapids homes an exceptional archaeological site named the Czech Village
which had beautifully preserved the diversified culture of the 19th century. The spectacular
handicrafts & antique monuments of the Amana Colonies are widely popular all across the
United States. There are amazing places to explore and certainly one of the most intriguing
ones is the city of Des Moines. Des Moines is also the capital of Iowa and homes amazing
locations such as 19th Century State Capital Building, the Des Moines Art Center, and Pappajohn
Sculpture Park.
The city of Davenport is widely renowned for its greenery and comprises more than 50 local
state parks. The colossal area of the city is covered by these beautiful parks which make the city
an ideal place for hikers and seekers of adventures. Besides beautiful parks, the city also homes
the Putnam Museum & Science Center which is a great educational location for young learners
seeking the knowledge of natural sciences & history. The State of Iowa borders 6 large
states including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, South Dakota, and Nebraska. These
connections make the state of Iowa an ideal place for acquiring Car Transport Services.
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