North Dakota

North Dakota marks the end of the northern region of the United States and borders Canada. It is a natural paradise with every essential agriculture resource and is the nineteenth largest state by landmass. Lying in the territory of the Great Plains, North Dakota is situated at the geographic center of North America and borders Minnesota, Montana, South Dakota, Red River of the North, and Canadian provinces Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The farming and ranching lands separated by a few isolated cities in between make the North Dakota sparsely populated with only 762,062 people. Auto Transport services in the lands of Peace Garden State are also scarce and expensive and that’s the reason why travelers prefer to avail themselves to car shipping services when moving to the state of North Dakota.
Nicknamed Flickertail State and Roughrider State, North Dakota’s landscape is enriched with sites of natural beauty far and wide. There’s exquisite natural beauty to explore in this state and it also exhibits its rich history and fascinating culture with pride. It’s a perfect tourist destination for the outdoor enthusiasts who want to surrender themselves to the beauty of nature and need a peaceful and serene place to relax and unwind. The state’s natural attractions include the likes of Maah Daah Hey Trail covering over 140 miles of land and providing avid thrill-seekers tons of exceptional places to hike. This trail runs across the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Little Missouri River Valley, Badlands, and many North Dakota’s finest landscapes. Besides this, the west-central region of North Dakota homes the state’s largest reservoir, Lake Sakakawea with over 1,500 miles of exceptional shoreline. The lake presents tourists with yearlong fishing opportunities and lies near to Lake Sakakawea State Park and Fort Stevenson State Park.
Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the state of North Dakota and has acres and acres of spectacular lands for hiking, camping, and exploring the natural scene. From free-roaming bison to its exceptional ranch units, the national park is a naturalist dream and is named after the 26th president Theodore Roosevelt. Add to this, North Dakota also homes Frontier Village and National Buffalo Museum for true naturalists who aim to dive deep into the realm of natural beauty. This is home to one of the rarest bison and great beasts and is enriched with historically significant structures and buildings all around.
Besides natural beauty, North Dakota is renowned for its vivid and strong cultural heritage. The state has many splendid destinations exhibiting the amazing culture of North Dakota and these include Knife River Indian Villages National Historic Site, North Dakota Heritage Center, Plains Art Museum, Scandinavian Heritage Park, and Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park. There is so much nature to explore and so many fascinating cultures to experience in the lands of North Dakota and this makes it a perfect holiday spot for the whole family. So, consult the experts, Thrifty Auto Shipping when you’re making plans to visit North Dakota. Their team of experts can aid in making your plans to visit North Dakota and travel in your own personal vehicle. Call today: 844.741.1221 and speak to Customer Service for all of the details.