Louisiana nicknamed the Bayou State, Creole State, or the Pelican State is the 25th most populous
state in the United States. It is renowned for its strong and stable economy and a well-preserved
and vibrant cultural heritage. Each year hundreds of businessmen from all across the United States
travel to Louisiana to set up their aspiring businesses and the state is entitled by Forbes as the
“America’s New Frontier for Business”.
There are many reasons to relocate to the amazing state of Louisiana that has the 4th lowest cost-of-
living, 5th lowest total tax burden, and 3rd lowest property taxes among all states in the United
States. Shipping a car to the state of Louisiana and leveraging the Cheap Car Shipping Services of
the leading Car Moving Companies is the most practical and economical option if you are planning
to settle in the beautiful state of Louisiana.
If the economics doesn’t enthrall you then you can travel to Louisiana to satisfy your craving for
outdoor adventures and escapades. Each year 200,000+ outdoor enthusiasts travel to the lands of
Louisiana to explore the marvelous beauty of Louisiana’s lowlands, terraces, and hills. The state
has a system of 17 state historic sites, 22 state parks, and 955,973 acres of lands devoted to the
Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. The scenic landscapes and cultural heritage
of the state are exhibited vivaciously through a system of 7 state parks including Atchafalaya
National Heritage Area, Cane River Creole National Historical Park, Cane River National
Heritage Area, and the famous Saline Bayou – A National Wild and Scenic River.
The state of Louisiana is also ranked number 4th in the Early Education Quality and has some of
the best private, magnet, and public school options. The schools in Louisiana are renowned for
their holistic approach to child education portrayed vividly in their program such as Edible
Schoolyards – A program tailored to nurture the attributes of responsibility while integrating the
importance and value of gardening and preserving nature. The culture of Louisiana is another big
talking point and homes a blend of music venues and art galleries. More than 400 festivals are held
annually in the lands of Louisiana and it’s a great state to travel on a family vacation.
Louisiana is also home to the famous and spectacular city of New Orleans which is renowned
for its hospitality and exquisite tourist attractions. The culinary world of New Orleans is loved by
all foodies who are in search of flavors to fascinate their taste buds. So if you are interested in
moving to Louisiana to establish a successful business or want to move to the state to relish the
educational and economic benefits, it is best to opt for affordable and efficient Car Transport
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