The state of Kentucky officially known as the Commonwealth of Kentucky is situated in the
South Central region of the United States. Being the 37th largest & 26th most populous state,
Kentucky homes some of the most enthralling natural artifacts of extravagant beauty. The state
homes the world’s longest cave system, Mammoth Cave National Park and had been the focal
point of many adventure seekers & explorers of unexplored mysteries.
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Kentucky adopted the nickname of Bluegrass State because of the high fertility of its soil & and
the abundance of bluegrass. Central Kentucky homes the widely renowned Bluegrass Region
which comprises two of the major cities of the state, Lexington and Louisville. For the lovers of
mystery, Kentucky is the best place to visit. There are acres of unexplored beauty lying beneath
the surface of the state and Kentucky homes one of the largest systems of surveyed caves. A large
number of adventure seekers move to the Kentucky state to satisfy their craving for cave exploring
or spelunking. Besides the Mammoth Caves, the most famous cave network and tourist attraction
include Diamond Caverns, Lost River Cave, Crystal Onyx Cave, American Cave Museum, Hidden
River Cave, and Outlaw Cave.
Kentucky is also filled with numerous amazing tourist locations for the lovers of adventures who
would rather go high than low. There is no shortage of hiking trails and the state comprises many
scenic & picturesque destinations. The most famous one includes National Bridge State Resort
Park, Red River Gorge Geological Area, Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, Sheltowee Trace
Trail, and Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail. The state of Kentucky also shares a strong cultural
heritage and is widely renowned for its horse racing, automobile manufacturing, and Kentucky
Fried Chicken.
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