The Automaker Volvo Are Wanting to Get Rid of Keys Altogether

The world renowned automaker Volvo just made a move that ought to come as welcome news to those who constantly lose their car keys. They want to be the first automaker to get rid of physical keys and remote keys altogether as early as next year. To do this, the company would offer new-vehicle access to their cars through a smartphone application and Bluetooth wireless technology which would also have the capacity to open the trunk and start the car remotely.

Utilizing an app to open one’s auto is not exactly new to the auto industry but other automakers besides Volvo only utilize it as a secondary form of entry, not a primary form of access. There are many car owners who don’t like change so Volvo says it will keep on offering a physical key to clients who still prefer that method.

There are even more advantages to this new technology including the ability to share your digital keys using this smartphone app with family members, co-workers or other people you choose to share with. “Our innovative digital key technology has the potential to completely change how a Volvo can be accessed and shared. Instead of sitting idle in a parking lot the entire day, cars could be used more often and efficiently by whomever the owner wishes,” says Henrik Green, Volvo Cars’ vice president product strategy & vehicle line management.

Volvo is currently conducting a test program this spring and the new technology will be officially revealed one week from now at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The automaker says a limited number of their cars will be outfitted with computerized keys in 2017.

Unfortunately, this new innovation will not be able to help people who habitually lose their smartphone. However, the new technology will surely make losing keys a thing of the past for all of the car shipping companies. Just think, there will no physical keys to keep up with or to maintain. To use the new technology, why not buy a new Volvo and have Thrifty Auto Shipping handle the delivery? Thrifty Auto Shipping is a coast to coast auto shipping company that is highly respected for their customer service and affordable rates. Why not give them a call after you have made that deal on your new high-tech Volvo… You surely will be pleased that you did…

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