Chevy’s Big Decision Regarding the Kid Rock Tour

Everybody loves a good summer concert tour especially if it is performed by a superstar like Kid Rock. Most of these types of tours are paid for by corporate sponsors and one of the major sponsors for Kid Rock’s summer tour is the Chevrolet Corporation. Chevy has always wanted to stay out of controversies so they are real careful what they put their brand name on. So after all the latest controversy over the Confederate flag in response to the mass shooting at a historical black church in Charleston, South Carolina, there has been a heated debate between opponents who are for or against what the flag stands for. The debate has gone so far as to remove the Confederate flag all over the country including cancelling re-runs of the “Dukes of Hazzard” due to the display on the General Lee (car).

This controversial flag is why the question came up as to whether Chevy would back someone like Kid Rock who was known for displaying the flag during his concerts but it must also be pointed out that he has never flown the Confederate flag for any hateful reasons and has not had it displayed on stage in several years. The only flag that he will use during the Chevy sponsored summer concert tour will be the American flag.

A representative from Chevy said, “We are committed to our sponsorship of Kid Rock’s summer tour and are confident that he will provide his fans, many of whom are proud Chevrolet owners, with a spectacular concert experience that celebrates American freedom.” Speaking of Chevys, why not ship that classic Chevy by a reputable car transport company like Thrifty Auto Shipping?   If you want to deal with excellent customer service agents and a car shipping company that is well known for giving some of the best service to their customers, then contact Thrifty Auto Shipping today.

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