We Tend to Take Built-in Car Technology for Granted

Photo of black luxury car

Since auto technology is advancing day by day at such a fast pace, automakers around the world are ensuring that their new cars have the best and latest technology available for their customers. Most of this technology includes saving time and energy but also they are ensuring that there are less and less car crashes on roads and highways across the globe. Most of these advanced technologies are offered with the higher in cars as options but eventually these types of expenses will be available more and more on less expensive cars which the majority of us drive. Back in the day, some of the advanced technology included automatic windshield wipers, airbags, electric ignition, cruise control, power steering and more but as we all know these became standard in all cars after a while.

The same type of innovations are now easily available as standard driving perks in everyday autos as time goes by and most people take them for granted these days. For example, as we go back in time, when GM first introduced the automatic transmission in the 1940 Oldsmobile, it cost an extra $57 and was more of a curiosity than a necessary feature. Of course today transmissions have a lot more to offer and are actually computerized and adaptable to different drivers within each car but the point s that it used to be an extra, not a standard feature. This is just an example of how technology has taken over as advancements have been made and people have not actually appreciated such innovations. As a matter fact, most people take for granted all the automated technology that we have had available to us as standard options over the years. Anyone can go back and research the standard car back in the beginning and how much we have at our fingertips today without even question. The good news is that there is new technology coming our way every day and it just makes all our lives that much more easier.

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