Where Will Tesla Motors Battery Gigafactory End Up?


Businesses is usually just business but sometimes some business deals are bigger than others and the one that Tesla Motors and the state of Nevada came up with is a big one! Well just when everyone thought that Nevada was good as done to be the home of Tesla Motor’s battery Gigafactory; extra demands appeared on the table that may have ruined the entire deal. The CEO of Tesla motors wanted $500 million in cash instead of tax abatement’s from the state which was a demand that nearly broke the deal entirely. This demand was over the top according to Nevada’s Gov. Brian Sandoval because the entire state budget is only $6.5 billion after all. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors shopped this $500 million demand to several other states but came up empty with those states because to be honest, most states don’t have that kind of extra money just laying around.

After not finding any other interested states to make that deal, Musk eventually went back to Nevada and made a $1.4 billion incentive package deal with them bringing in 6500 jobs to Nevada which was promised as their end of the deal. The plan will include a 980 acre site just outside of Reno and will cost $200,000 per direct job in subsidies. In regards to this deal, Musk claims that they got an okay incentive package deal but others claim that Tesla got a sweetheart of a deal. Musk claims this because given the scale of the deal along with the incentive package; there were no special additions to make it more of a better deal than any other he could have made. Either way, Tesla Motors and Nevada will now be working hand-in-hand to make the new Tesla Battery factory a success. Get ready for some new innovations coming from Tesla soon!

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