Don’t Transport a Car Before Takata Gets it Right!

This is a follow-up to an earlier article I wrote on the Japanese air bag manufacturer, Takata Corp. After several years of complaints and recalls, they have managed to fall even deeper into hot water due to their continuous disaster regarding their defective air bags. The number of recalls has increased in number to 36 million from 33.8 million recalls since the beginning of the recall in 2008. This is the largest recall in United States history and these defected air bags have directly affected vehicles from Nissan, Toyota and Honda. At this point, the defective devices have caused at least six deaths and several injuries to date.

The problem with these airbags is that some of the airbag inflators were not sealed properly which allowed moisture to seep into the propellant casing. This moisture then damages the propellant and can lead the inflator to explode with too much force causing shrapnel to shoot out inside a vehicle. This of course can lead to severe injuries or even death to anyone sitting inside a vehicle with a possible effective airbag.

Hopefully Takata can make the changes necessary to ensure all their airbags are safe although it will probably take a few years with that many recalls! This has been real tough on the public along with the manufacturer but eventually everything will hopefully be all straightened out.

If you find that you need a recall, don’t waste another day and take care of it as soon as possible before anything bad happens. Don’t even try to transport a car that has a Takata air bag! If you’ve been affected by all this and after delving through all the red tape, you may feel it’s time for a new start. Why not buy a brand-new car? And don’t think you must buy it from the local dealership. Many people buy from out of state to get the best deal. Once you do, keep the savings going by contacting Thrifty Auto Shipping. They offer the most affordable car shipping in the nation.   Just give them a call and get a free auto shipping quote in minutes. Know exactly what it will cost to ship your new car even before you buy it!

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