Digital Dealerships are on the Horizon to Replace Showroom Cars

Get ready to transport a car after buying one in a whole new way. In a car dealership in Chennai, India known as the “Detroit of India”, a showroom is about to drastically change the way we buy cars as we know it. TVS & Sons has come up with a new concept in which the traditional car dealership showroom will be more of a digital dealership model. Renault, a French carmaker will soon allow TVS to pilot their new concept of showcasing cars displayed on digital screens. The showroom will have no physical cars but Internet enabled large TVs to show the cars digitally.

These digital showcases will include much more than just digital pictures of cars, they will provide more information than a regular car dealer can give a prospective buyer. This new concept will allow dealerships to use less floor space which means less cost for the car dealership. Another advantage is that even if a car is not in the inventory, the show for the car can still be running for prospective buyers.

This has become a very cost-effective alternative to the traditional way to sell a car or even to ship a car and TVS plans on expanding this concept to help curb dealership costs to other dealers around the world. According to Sumit Sawhney, Country CEO and Managing Director of Renault India Operations, the digital dealership will be an “experience center.”

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