Yet Another Auto Part Recall; This Time with Maserati

More auto design defects in the auto industry being recalled. Maserati is recalling almost 21,000 autos in China over a design defect that could result in collisions. The affected cars include the Quattroporte and Ghibli models which were made between March 2013 and December 2015. It was determined that there is a major design issue with the floor mat and accelerator the pedal could easily get stuck in the accelerate position. Maserati has said they will replace these pedals immediately.

With all these defects and recalls around the world, don’t you think the car manufacturers would take a little more time to test more thoroughly for defects before they put them out to the public? It looks to me like they want to mass produce and sell their newest models to make the big bucks fast instead of checking all parts first for the safety of drivers.

Since China and other countries are feeling the effects of a slow economy, firms like Maserati are presently looking to internet retailing as another way to sell their vehicles. China is the world’s biggest e-business market with about 700 million who regularly use the internet for their purchases. Maserati launched its flagship store on Alibaba’s internet shopping webpage Tmall a week ago, posting 100 of its new SUV Levantes for people who want to buy them in advance. These unique cars sold out in just 18 seconds. They’ll have their official launch for this SUV in China in July.

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