Google Ready For Their Driverless Car To Hit The Road

A Google self-driving car is cleverly designed to navigate safely through city streets. The car has sensors intended to distinguish objects as far as two football fields away in all directions, including people on foot, cyclists and vehicles—or even fluttering plastic shopping bags and low flying birds. The software processes all the information to help the auto securely explore the street without getting tired or distracted.

The head of Alphabet Inc’s Google self-driving cars program will be encouraging the U.S. Congress next week to give national auto safety regulators new power to speed the presentation of self-driving autos on American streets.

Chris Urmson, chief of Google’s self-driving car program, will tell the Senate Commerce Committee that administrators ought to allow authority to the U.S. Transportation Department to get completely autonomous vehicles out and about according to his prepared statements, which was reviewed by Reuters. “We propose that Congress move swiftly to provide the secretary of transportation with new authority to approve life ­saving safety innovations. This new authority would permit the deployment of innovative safety technologies that meet or exceed the level of safety required by existing federal standards, while ensuring a prompt and transparent process,” according to the prepared testimony.

When all this comes about, which more than likely it will happen sooner than later, it will be a really exciting time for us all. This new innovation will definitely be a great thing for those who would rather sit back and focus on other things and leave the driving to Google. But, for those who enjoy taking the wheel into your own hands, you still have the opportunity to drive your own car. However, when you’re ready to purchase one of these new self-driving cars and need a reliable car shipping company to ship it to you, Thrifty Auto Shipping will be there to take care of all your shipping needs. They are one of the highest Google rated auto shippers in the business.  You can easily get a free quote or contact Customer Service 24/7  through their website:


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