Older Males are Most Interested in Connected Cars

Control buttons in a car

Connected cars are the newest thing in the car industry and this technology is here to stay. The new cars on the market today are becoming more and more set up with technology that connects drivers to the Internet which allows drivers to do everything from Wi-Fi-calling, mobile Internet connections and everything in between from the comfort of their car no matter where they may be . With all these new technologies, one would think that the younger generation would be more interested in this type of car/technology but the truth of the matter is that the people who are most interested in driving these connected cars are from the older generation which mainly consist of male drivers who are 55 and older. Nielson conducted this study based on surveys of close to 6000 people who consider themselves very interested and intrigued by such technologies. This may be the result due to the expensive nature of this type of technology but it still is surprising that the younger tech savvy drivers are not as interested as the older ones.

Even though price might be a common reason for these results, Nielson was able to do the survey and find out that even 60% of the people interested were just wanting to experience the system and not actually buy the connected systems so this shows that the interests is not based on cost alone but is based on overall interest. This entire survey was quite surprising but gives us a good idea of the marketing demographics that these new automotive technologies need to cater their products to in the future. Soon everyone will be able to reach out across the world with all these new ways of connecting anywhere, anytime!

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