Great News for Auto Owners: Diesel is Down by 3.5 Cents a Gallon!


Even though we’re surrounded by negativity and bad news practically every day there is good news to report. This is especially true for anyone who owns a truck or auto because diesel prices are continuing to spiral downwards at a very rapid pace. As a matter fact, as of today it has gone down $3.5 cents as the national average is now at the price of $3.70 a gallon. On the West Coast the prices are down $5.3 a gallon and in the Central Atlantic area, truckers are paying $4.6 less per gallon. Now that’s affordable! It gets even better… Diesel prices have dropped steadily since mid-July except for a small period of time in the beginning of September when there was no change in the price at all.


On the other hand, there is a bad side to the lower prices for consumers. It looks as if there’s going to be a price war over the next several months since crude oil is on the brink of falling into a collapsed state. The companies across Texas and North Dakota are safe for now from the declines but many investors are concerned about investments in crude oil for the near future. Just recently, several members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have cut their prices to Asian and European buyers since the competition in the global market has grown at a frightening fast pace. Crude oil prices continue to drop further worldwide which leaves crude oil towards the bottom of the barrel, so to speak.

Presently, trading ended down almost 4 dollars a barrel at close to $81 a barrel which means diesel will follow in the same direction. These lower prices may be good for consumers for now but on the worldwide stage, it may not be so good for us all in the long run. So for now, auto drivers and truckers get it now while it’s still affordable and before the other shoe drops.

Now that the price of diesel has gone down it may be time for a new car. If you need to have this new car shipped anywhere in the country, don’t hesitate to call Thrifty Auto Shipping for an affordable shipping quote.

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