The Latest Technology That May Prevent Auto Crashes

Car manufacturers and the US government have recently teamed up to create a new auto technology that would allow cars to communicate with each other and any object that they may encounter. This new technology is called vehicle to vehicle communication which is now being tested by several top-notch auto manufacturers. This type of technology is called V2I and is very innovative and would help prevent many accidents that occur on the road today.

The way this technology works is through detecting wireless signals in regards to the location, speed and direction between nearby vehicles and then this information is passed along to all the cars and surrounding area and would allow them to keep a safe distance from each other at all times. Each car in the same vicinity will be able to communicate with each other and automatically stop any type of impact with each other through car to car communication.

A recent study that was conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration concluded that this type of technology could reduce auto crashes up to 79%. This type of new technology is absolutely a game changer in the world of auto manufacturing. Imagine all of the lives that could be saved or all the injuries that could be prevented by using this wonderful new innovation. The automotive industry has worked very diligently year after year to improve the performance and more recently the safety of every vehicle that they now manufacture.
The days are gone of relying solely on human control and welcome to the new era of automotive uniqueness. You will see fewer and fewer excuses for accidents caused by human error and enjoy how scientists, manufactures and our own US government have come together to help ensure safer roads and highways. Now that’s innovative!

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