New Over-the-Air Software for 2016 Ford Cars

Ford is definitely trying to keep up with the latest technology. They announced last week that they’re diving into the field of “over-the-air” software updates, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to its 2016 cars with Sync 3 through a wireless software update. The most recent move up to Sync 3, Ford’s intuitive touch-screen framework, includes an over-the-air update (OTA) utilizing Wi-Fi, much the same as how new software gets transferred to smartphones by manufacturers.

After Tesla’s lead in 2015 presenting OTAs, conventional car makers are gradually starting to grasp the new technology. Uncertainties about security and resistance from dealers stressed over losing profits have hampered its development. Up to this point, traditional car makers haven’t utilized OTAs for security structures, just for non-basic structures like infotainment. Clients can likewise get the update by means of the conventional methods for going to their dealer or utilizing a USB drive, Ford said.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are working systems from Google and Apple that enable drivers to interface their smartphones to their vehicles’ dashboard. Ford’s utilization of OTAs comes to fruition two months after they announced they were hiring 400 architects to improve connectivity, generally from Blackberry Ltd.’s shuttered telephone handset business. Other than being more advantageous for clients, OTAs can bring automakers cost reductions, as a considerable rate of guarantee to repair issues and reviews can be adjusted through OTAs.

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