What the Future of the Auto Industry is Avoiding


Although many of the major automotive companies around the world are concentrating on new technology such as electric vehicles and self driving automated cars, one thing they are missing and mistakenly avoiding is the development of a intelligent transport system. An intelligent transport system (ITS) is basically an analysis of real-time traffic flows which can adjust signals and also communicate with drivers through programmable signage. That is the basic explanation but what makes it even more interesting is when you add in interactivity and sensors. Could you imagine if we were able to automate traffic flows by mandating certain cars to go at certain speeds in certain directions?

This it is all about cooperation and control and it would be the beginning of an amazing automotive social network. These cars would be part of the automotive social network along with intelligently routed trains, underground systems, trams and bicycle paths. Some people think that this is a crazy way to look at the future of the car industry because they think that cars should be the center of new technology. They think this way since not too long ago, the car symbolized freedom on the road but as the world connects more and more, it makes sense that an automated system would work better than just single automated cars on the streets.

Whether you buy into concentrating on an intelligent transport system or just technology concentrating only on self-driving cars, both will definitely be working together hand-in-hand. If you’re in the market for one of these new automated cars and are ready to experience all the latest changes, then get in line and have that car transported through one of the best companies around. Thrifty Auto Shipping has made a good name for itself and they would be glad to help you with your auto transport needs.


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