Toyota to Bring Hydrogen Auto to the Mass Market

Yes it is true! This means that Toyota is working diligently to use hydrogen in their cars instead of the general use of gasoline. They have created the Mirai  auto which is a four-door family sedans at a cost of $62,000. This car is already on sale in Japan and will be available in Europe and the United States in the latter part of 2015. It has a driving range of 300 miles which is much farther distance than most plug-in electric cars can go. Not only does it run on the most abundant element in the universe but it also only emits heat and water which eliminates smog.

Hydrogen Auto

“This is not an alternative to a gasoline auto,” says Scott Samuelsen, an engineer and director of the National Fuel Cell Research Center at the University of California at Irvine. “This is a quantum step up.” This idea may be a huge quantum leap in the right direction but is also a huge risk because it would involve huge investments in creating hydrogen fueling stations around the world. Although these investments would probably pay themselves off pretty quickly in the short run.

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