Higher Deductibles Can Actually Help Save Money on Car Costs


Everybody who owns a car needs to have car insurance especially if they ever want to ship a car at any point. Unfortunately, not all drivers who have insurance coverage benefit equally, especially when dealing with deductibles. An insurance deductible is the amount that a policyholder is obligated to pay before their insurance coverage starts.

Believe it or not, in some states, people can save money through higher deductibles. These deductibles can vary from state to state and from policyholder to policyholder but in some cases, higher deductibles can result in gigantic savings. The amount of savings possible typically depends on which state the policyholder is insured in. Deductibles on a national average are about 16% which usually costs around $500-$2000 and in some states, deductibles can be up to 30% which is double the national average.

Some states have better saving possibilities than others. For instance, residents in Wyoming, Kansas, South Dakota and Massachusetts can reduce their insurance costs through a huge deductible increase. As matter of fact, people in the Bay Area can save up to or more than 19% which is higher than the national average. The people in North Carolina, Louisiana, Florida and Michigan are on the downside of this deal because they can only save less than 4% when they double their car insurance deductibles. The drivers on the losing end of this bargain are the policyholders in Detroit since they pay the highest rates of all in the United States.

It’s too bad that there is such a difference in policy from state to state and that some people end up with the short end of the stick when it comes to insurance deductibles. These recent statistics are good reason for everyone who owns a car to do their research and get the best possible insurance policy, especially if they are wanting to ship a car now or in the future.

After figuring out how to save money through your deductibles then you may want to buy a new car. If you do, you may have to have it shipped across the state or the country so make sure to contact Thrifty Auto Shipping to get the job done right.

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