Why Not Ship a Car on a Train?


Most people think there is only a few options to auto shipping but wait, there’s more. Have you ever thought about transporting your car by a train to get it from point A to point B? Of course most people decide to drive their own car or hire a truck driver to do the deed but transporting your car by train is very efficient. There are even some train companies that will allow you to not only transport your car but you too. For instance, Amtrak will allow you to load up your car with your belongings and transport it in a designated closed-end boxcar while you enjoy the scenery along the way. One truly incredible benefit of this is that you can pack your car completely as if it was your life-size suitcase. You can relax throughout the journey and say goodbye to traffic, stress and worry as you get all your belongings, your car and yourself from one place to another. This gives you the chance to enjoy the trip in comfort while your vehicle is secure in an enclosed carrier. Kick your feet up, we good book or play some good video games on your tablet. Now that’s the way to travel! The best thing about this whole deal is that it is very affordable and very convenient. The prices may vary depending on how far you may be traveling but either way, it’s one heck of a way to get everything done at once. You can plan your trip ahead of time and even buy your tickets online so all you have to do is locate your nearest Amtrak station and you will be on your way in a jiffy! If you decide that the train is not your route, you can still contact a reputable car shipping company like Thrifty Auto Shipping to get the job done right.

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