GM and Honda Depending on Fuel Cell Technology

Car industry leaders General Motors Co. and Honda Motor Co. are soon planning to declare an extension of their coordinated effort on fuel cell technology improvement. GM and Honda on Friday said two senior executives would hold a news gathering in Detroit with Michigan’s Lt. Gov., Brian Calley.

Mark Reuss, GM’s executive vice president for global product development and Toshiaki Mikoshiba, COO for Honda’s North American region, are scheduled to make “an important advanced technology announcement,” the companies said. The statement did not elaborate. Honda and GM started working together in 2013 to create cutting edge fuel cell system and hydrogen storage advancements and their goal is to release the system in the year 2020.

Vehicles controlled by fuel cells earn credits for automakers under government and state rules went for lessening outflows of greenhouse gasses that permit them to sell bigger, petroleum-fueled vehicles that regularly acquire higher profits. GM has been taking a shot at hydrogen as a fuel for autos for the greater part a century. It produced a test auto utilizing hydrogen in an adjusted Chevrolet Corvair in the mid-1960s. Honda in December started leasing its hydrogen fuel cell Clarity Fuel Cell in Southern California.

Here’s how it all this works together. The fuel cell vehicles uses hydrogen and oxygen together to create electricity, which in turn runs an engine. Not at all like lithium battery electric vehicles, has a fuel cell vehicle already had a driving reach nearing that of routine gas powered autos and trucks, as indicated by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

There are a few obstacles to the the release of this system though. Some of the main obstacles are that there is an absence of hydrogen fueling stations and the high cost of advancement are among the hindrances to high volume sales of such vehicles. Thrifty Auto Shipping is available for any auto shipping needs should you decide to purchase one of these advanced vehicles. Contact us today for a free car shipping quote.

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