What Exactly is an Auto Transport Broker?

Photo of semi truck on roadThe definition of an auto transport broker is a type of cargo broker who specializes in the transportation of vehicles using the method of shipping. Most transport brokers mainly handle shipping cars and trucks but many of them also are able to ship RVs, motorcycles, boats and other types of vehicle. Some specialized brokers can even have your tractor shipped as well.

The following are more specific details on how brokers work. Car transport broker are part of a larger industry and more specifically part of the personal business industry chain vehicle freight. The other parts of the chain are the shipper and the carrier and together with the broker, all three work together to get the task of shipping a vehicle done. The shipper is defined as the individual business that needs to have a vehicle moved. The carrier is defined as the individual or company that employs the drivers who operate the transport equipment. The broker is the one who issues the price quote to the shipper and then finds a carrier to carry out the entire process.

If you are one of the millions of people who need to transport a vehicle then the broker is the first one that you need to contact. They are the ones who can put the whole team together to get your vehicle shipped to its destination. If you are ready in the market for car shipping then the next step is to contact thrifty auto shipping since they have the experience you’re looking for and they will treat you right.

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