Car Dealerships Lawsuit against Carfax Thrown Out

A government judge recently threw out a lawsuit brought on by several car dealerships against Carfax Inc. The claims state that the vehicle history report company used by Carfax used anticompetitive practices but were found to be unwarranted. In a request conceded Sept. 30 yet discharged on Dec. 9, U.S. Locale Judge Alison Nathan allowed Carfax’s motion for partial summary judgment saying “no reasonable jury could find that Carfax’s exclusive agreements substantially foreclosed competition in the markets for [vehicle history reports].”

“We are gratified that the court agreed with our position that this lawsuit was unfounded,” said **** Raines, president of Carfax in a statement. “We’re already hard at work creating the next generation of products and services to help our dealer customers and millions of consumers.” In concession to the parties’ claims that some data exhibited during summary judgment was classified to their organizations, the judge temporarily sealed the assessment to give them an opportunity to propose redactions. The lawsuit was documented in April 2013 in U.S. Area Court for the Southern District of New York, for the benefit of 120 dealerships including the lead offended party, Maxon Hyundai Mazda. It at first looked for harms of more than $50 million. According to the order, “469 dealers of used cars” were listed as plaintiffs when the lawsuit was dismissed.

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