Ford Production Still Moving to Mexico Regardless of Trump Threat

US automaker Ford is pushing ahead with arrangements to move some production to Mexico regardless of the threats made by President-elect Donald Trump to force strong tariffs. Ford CEO Mark Fields said it was “going ahead” with its arrangement to move production of small autos from its Michigan plant. Be that as it may, he rehashed confirmations that no jobs would be lost because of the move. Mr. Trump debilitated amid the election campaign to force a tariff on auto imports from firms like Ford. He said organizations which moved jobs abroad would be charged “a 35% expense when they want to ship their products back into the United States”. The president-elect likewise said he would build a wall with Mexico and renegotiate the terms of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which incorporates Mexico.

In any case, the Ford said a levy on auto imports would hurt the US economy. “A tariff like that would be imposed on the entire auto sector that could have a major impact on the US economy,” Mr. Fields told columnists at the Los Angeles automobile expo. “I continue to think that the right policies will prevail because we continue to share the same objective which is a healthy and vibrant US economy,” he said. Ford has said it would move the next generation of its US-created Focus and C-Max models to another office in Mexico by 2018.

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