Auto Makers and Other Industries Aren’t as Reliable as You Think

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Who Failed Worse This Year, Volkswagen or Chipotle Mexican Grill? Some cars out in the market are not as reliable as you might think and not for the reasons you might think either. According to a company that tracks daily consumer perception called YouGov BrandIndex,  Volkswagen’s consumer perception score took a huge dive from a score of 10 on the day the news broke about their emissions-cheating scandal to a low of -50 in early October. It still stands at a -24 score as of last week.

Speaking of unreliable, some food chains didn’t fare any better than some of the car dealers did either. Also according to BrandIndex, Chipotle also had a score of 10 on the day their bad news broke about their scandal dealing with a pair of illness outbreaks linked to their food but their score hasn’t fallen as far as VW, at least not yet. They dropped all the way down to -26 on Nov. 8th and as of last week, they have a -13 score. Chipotle’s problems got even worse when more recent news began to circulate last week of a norovirus outbreak linked to a Chipotle restaurant near Boston College that had sickened 141 students. Their consumer perception will probably drop even further down the scale.

VW’s problems began in September when the Environmental Protection Agency claimed that they installed defective devices on an estimated 482,000 vehicles in the U.S. in an attempt to evade emissions testing. This revelation contributed to a 25% sales drop in brand sales last month at Volkswagen of America. They’re trying to get approval for a low-cost fix for around 8.5 million cars in Europe but its proposals are still under review in the U.S. where regulation is more stringent. It doesn’t look like a very promising near future for VW so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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