New Trends for Several Auto-Related Businesses

electric car

According to an analyst at Goldman Sachs, there will be several improvements in the auto industry over the next few years. One main change will be the amount of electric cars out on the roads. It’s not just your typical car manufactures such as GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda and Ford Motor Company’s that are entering the electric car revolution; it’s also technology companies such as Google, Apple and Tesla Motors. Our streets will be filled with these new electric cars!

Another improvement will be the manufacturers reducing the weight of each car being made by at least 50kg which will result in cuts to overall CO2 emissions. The materials that will most likely be used to reduce this weight are steel and aluminum which will benefit companies like the United States Steel Corporation and Alcoa, Inc.

Other improvements include autonomous cars which are made to be full self-driving cars. This new technology will be introduced by Google just around the corner in 2017! As a matter of fact, they already have test cars out on the roads as we speak.

As the world is becoming accustomed to doing everything online, connectivity is another improvement on the way. Since many auto-related businesses such as insurers, dealerships, rental companies and car shipping companies are starting to rely on internet connectivity more and more to reach and respond to their customer needs quickly and efficiently.

One more change on the horizon is the number of vehicles that will be out on the roads. It is estimated that there’ll be 35 million vehicles in China and 7.4 million in India by the year 2025. With all these new improvements, who wouldn’t want a vehicle with all this exciting technology? Connect with when you need to ship a car with all the latest gadgets.

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