Texas Denies Tesla’s Electric Auto Again

Tesla Motors just wants to be able to sell their $100,000 electric cars in Texas but it’s just not happening due to a push back from Texas lawmakers. The legislation in question that is backed by Tesla would allow Tesla to bypass auto dealers and sell directly to consumers in Texas, the second largest car market in the United States.

This back-and-forth battle has been going on for two years and the main reason for push back against it is because auto dealers feel that it would protect family owned car dealerships and also other car industry businesses such as car transport companies, maintenance repair shops and other car related businesses. They also claim to be protecting customers against large automobile makers. Tesla Motors has different ideas and claim that consumers want to be able to buy directly from automakers to cut out the middleman and all those extra expenses. “They are thwarting the will of the people,” said Diarmuid O’Connell, vice president of business development for Tesla. “That it doesn’t even get a fair hearing — much less a vote — is to me very odd and disturbing.” They believe that this push back is an unfair monopoly and they’re going to continue to fight for change.

Although Texas has denied Tesla twice in the last two years, Tesla is still gaining traction in other states such as New Jersey, Maryland and Georgia. These states have already signed bills that would allow the direct sales of their electric cars to the public. They are currently working on getting permission in other states such as West Virginia, Connecticut, Arizona and Michigan.

As more and more states come around to the idea of allowing Tesla and other manufacturers to sell their cars directly to the public, more and more people will need to ship those new electric cars so it is very important to know one of the best auto transport companies out there. Thrifty Auto Shipping is already providing excellent service to their customers now and will continue to do so well into the future as the auto industry evolves.

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