Online Car Shopping and Car Shipping

Bill Fay, general manager of Toyota division recently revealed the Toyota brand is looking to roll out its own version of the Pure Process Plus online transaction program within the next year. He explains this by saying that “Millennials are starting to express the fact that they’d like to do more shopping online,” Fay said. “They’d like to connect that shopping to a buying experience … that needs to be quicker and more transparent.”

These types of programs are being put into effect as part of a broad move by several auto manufacturers, car dealers and car shipping companies to help simplify the car buying process using online and mobile apps. This type of movement has already been successful in the auto industry and you don’t have to look further than AutoNation, TrueCar and General Motors’ Shop-Click-Drive program to see the results. Up to 90% of their entire process is setup so consumers can use their online storefronts to handle the majority of the car buying transactions. This includes finding vehicles, negotiating prices, handling paperwork and car shipping all online.

All these changes are being made to help accommodate the changing consumer buying habits. This new process plus will allow consumers to do almost everything online without having to spend hours at a dealership lot. They will be able to sit at home or at the office and choose a vehicle; get price info; calculate monthly payments; get an estimate on a trade-in, and apply for and get approved for credit with a certificate to take to the dealership.

Now it’s time to go online and check out some of these new programs and once you find what you’re looking for, just contact Thrifty Auto Shipping to arrange to have your new vehicle shipped to you safely at an affordable price.

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