New Way to Center Our Eyes Back on the Road While Driving A Vehicle


Auto designers and engineers are always creating new ways for drivers to focus on the road ahead instead of having to look to their center stack display screens or consoles in their vehicles. Over the last few years, designers have come up with some great innovations such as touchscreen controlled devices such as 3D maps, GPS, speedometers, music players, cell phones and more but all these things tend to take the driver’s attention off the road ahead and onto these devices which spells eminent disaster is likely to follow.

Even newer technology though has taken all this into account and has created a way for drivers to keep their heads up and away from the center displays keeping them focused on the road ahead. This new device term is called “smart” instrument clusters and all important information such as vehicle speed, route maps and even music selection can be displayed in this “head-up” display as not to take the driver’s eyes totally off the road. With these types of displays, the information is shown on a clear glass slab mounted behind the steering wheel. This new technology could save many lives because many lives have already been lost due to crashes when drivers lose focus on the road even for a few seconds.

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