Out with the Minivans and in With Muscle Cars!

Dodge charger on road in front of dramatic sky

What’s hot in the auto market these days is the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and some of the main reasons is it comes with a 707 horsepower topping out at a speed of 204 mph in only about 11 seconds. Not only is this car efficient and fun to drive, it is absolutely beautiful! So much better than driving a minivan too!

Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne has called Dodge “the best-kept secret in the house. … There is a unique place in the American mind for Dodge. And we need to satisfy that need.”

For a period not too long ago, Dodge was only known to create cars at a price to sell, mainly for the working class person and auto rental businesses but now it is creating the muscle car brand such as the Charger and Challenger to be swept up by the more affluent buyers.

Dodge predicts that it will sell an average of 600,000 vehicles annually by the year 2018 even after it stops making the Avenger sedan and discontinuing the Grand Caravan. Now that is really relying on the new muscle car brand for success!

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