Largest Recall in Auto Industry History


Bad news for owners of cars using Takata airbags including General Motors, Chrysler, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, BMW, Subaru, and Ford. This is the biggest recall in auto history as recommended by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They want auto makers to act quickly on recall letters to replace all Takata airbags since these defective airbags have affected about 8 million vehicles throughout the United States Takata controls over 30% of the international market. Experts warn that this recall may be the largest in history!

“The production logistics of replacing all those defective airbags, while also keeping up with ongoing production demand for new-car airbags, will be challenging to say the least, impossible would probably be a more accurate word.” As stated by Karl Brauer, senior analyst at Kelley Blue Book. Kelly Blue Book executive director Jack Nerad is concerned that the recall’s large costs and logistical issues could hinder activity between consumers and car dealerships, and even inhibit innovation in the auto industry.

This recall more than likely will interrupt new innovations in the auto industry because they will be spending all their time and energy fixing a huge problem most likely caused by cutting corners in the first place.

Takata says they are taking the issue “extremely seriously, and will cooperate fully with the NHTSA and the vehicle manufacturers conducting repairs.” Industry experts predict the recall to take years to complete and that Takata may have to seek help from its rivals to resolve the issue fully. Hopefully, since this has been the largest recall in automotive industry history, they will get the help from their fellow auto industry workers. If not, there could be a lot more deaths than necessary on the roads and highways around the world caused by these defective airbags.

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